Course curriculum

  • 1

    New Member Welcome: START HERE

    • New Member Welcome

    • Coaching Call Schedule

    • Book Your Private Coaching Session

  • 2

    Create an Abundant Relationship with Money

    • Meet Your Money Spirit Guide

    • Set Up Your Money Practice

    • Create a New Money Mindset

    • Your New Money Mantra

    • Daily Money Meditation to Let Go of Fears

  • 3

    Create Your Divine Money Journal

    • Divine Money Journal Supplies

    • Create Your Divine Money Journal Pages

    • Using Gesso In Your Divine Money Journal

    • Using Ink Sprays & Watercolors in Your Divine Money Journal

  • 4

    Master Your Spiritual Finances

    • How to Create a Spending Plan

    • Create Your Personal Spending Plan

    • Create your Business Spending Plan

    • Shifting Your Spending Patterns

  • 5

    Abstract Abundance Painting

    • Painting Supplies + Mixing Paints

    • Additional Paint Supply Information (Not Required Reading)