Course Description

During the 7 Day Soulful Business Challenge, you will learn how to:

  • use spiritual connection as your #1 guide in business
  • cultivate confidence, so you can feel powerful and attract the clients you desire
  • use Soulful Business strategies to fill your client roster
  • create a positive, expansive relationship with money
  • set higher income goals
  • know your business numbers
  • claim a focus that will help you achieve exactly what you want

CEO & Founder Heidi Carter Coaching & The Academy of Creative Entrepreneurship

Heidi Carter

Hello, I’m Heidi Carter and I am on a personal mission to help women business owners succeed.I am a business coach, mentor and artist, and I help my clients realize their own power and identify their unique set of gifts, so they can create impact and success, through their business.I work with women leaders who are on a mission to impact the world.I help them:Unlock their passionsIdentify their business superpowerCreate a business planTrust their instincts and decisionsLet go of their fears and self-limiting beliefsCharge what they're worth so they can experience financial freedomMy LearningI received a Bachelor’s of Photography from the University of Texas at Austin, and completed my coaching studies at CTI (The Coaches Training Institute) in July 2012.My Passions:The things I enjoy most are spending time with my phenomenal husband and artist, Scott Carter, and my two amazing children Sierra and Silas. Other passions are painting on huge canvases, taking photographs, art journaling, listening to live music, jogging, hiking, home decor, travel, meditation and prayer.Thank you for getting to know me.I look forward to helping you grow your business.Regards,Heidi

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Day One: Gathering Your Supplies

    • Day One: Gathering Your Supplies

  • 2

    Day Two: Preparing Your Journal Pages

    • Getting Started in Your Journal

    • Creating Journal Bookmarks

    • Using Gesso, Ink Sprays & Stamps

  • 3

    Day Three: Connection

    • The Three Circles of Connection:

  • 4

    Day Four: Business Mission

    • Business Mission

  • 5

    Day Five: Prosperity Mindset

    • Prosperity Mindset

    • Knowing Your Numbers + Creating Higher Income Goals

  • 6

    Day Six: Focus

    • Business Focus

    • Client Creation Process

  • 7

    Day Seven: Soulful Business Integration

    • Integrating Everything You've Learned